Smart Multi-Terminal DC m-grids for autonomous Zero-Net Energy Buildings

A National Workshop on Smart Micro-Grids for Autonomous Zero-Net Energy Buildings

One success this research project has been the development of "A National Workshop on Smart Micro-Grids for Autonomous Zero-Net Energy Buildings" on December 14-15, 2014, and it was held at IIT Mandi, India.
The First workshop was open to faculty/students of engineering colleges, practicing engineers from utility, industry and other organizations. The participation in this activity was higher than expected, more than 30 delegated from several places around India, travel for the two-day session where Dr. F. Gonzalez, Dr. Bharat Singh and Prof S.N. Singh presented preliminary results of the project.

The main aspects of the project's vision, concepts and scenarios were illustrated with very basic illustrative examples. The workshop included the participation of Dr. Naran M. Pindoriya, IIT Gandhinagar, his experience on Integration of Rooftop SPV in Power Distribution Network provided a very interesting approach that could be inserted into this research project.

Also, experiences related DC Grid Technologies & Research Challenges in Energy Systems were provided Dr. Rohit Bhakar (University of Bath, UK) during the workshop.
All presentations are publicly available in the website: